House-warming - April 26, 2003 Info: not a very big party, no beer pong or grill yet, but a nice house-warming party for the apartment.

Rich Visit - May 17, 2003
Info: Rich was on co-op for 6 months and was not moved in yet so what better reason to have a party than when he was up for a visit, plus the christening of the beer pong table and the grill.

Rich/Shannon Visit -
               July 12, 2003
Info: Another visit from Rich, this time with his gf, Shannon. The first keg (Labatt) was brought in and the fire is the newest addition.

Kelley No Show -
              August 18, 2003

Info: This was supposed to be a going away party for Kelley and Kelly, but they decided not to show up. Of course we still made the most of the night. SPLASH!!!

Spontaneous Gathering -
               September 2, 2003
Info: What started as inviting 3 friends over after the bar turned into quite more than that, which is OK as long as we have the beer to last the night. Kinda cut it close.. oh yes... the kegerator is coming.

Welcome Back -
                     September 13, 2003
Info:  We wanted to soften the blow of returning to school after a great summer. Nearly half the people expected at this party didn't show because apparently this is a popular idea. Again the need for a kegerator arises, but we did our best to finish it.

Season Opener 2004 -
                     April 17. 2004
Info: What a great way to bring in the new season of fun, beer and BBQ. The weather was perfect (minus a few sprinkles) and lots of people came to join in. The newest addition was the refitted grill and fire pit. 

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